A Child's Candy Store Dream Turned Reality

In 2010 Ginger Cochrane decided she wanted to open a candy store (every child's fantasy.) Her mom, Piper Cochrane, decided to empower her and began to explore options. 

To Piper's dismay, many candies contained dyes, chemicals, GMOs, toxins, and gelatin (made from animal by-products).

That's when she and Ginger created a better option for kids and moms everywhere!

How the Organic Candy Factory® Launched

The Organic Candy Factory launched with a party at Ron Robinson-Fred Segal’s, one of the more popular shops in Los Angeles, and was featured in People Magazine on the “Great Ideas” page. It’s been a hit ever since!

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Organic Candy Factory in the Press

People Magazine's Great Ideas for Entertaining

People Magazine - an American weekly magazine that specializes in celebrity news and human-interest stories. - has selected Organic Candy Factory a...

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Peach Gummy Cubs at the Golden Globes VIP Room

The Peach Gummy Cubs were part of the vegan menu served up in the Red Carpet Style Lounge at the Golden Globes 2020 Read the full article here  

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